Rev. Amanda’s Baby Boy Arrives

January 2019








On Sunday, January 20th, the scheduled worship service was cancelled because of inclement weather. It turns out it was also cancelled because Rev. Amanda’s water broke that morning, and she thought that she should probably go to the hospital. Two days later, at 7:00 am on January 22, her firstborn son was born! He arrived almost three weeks early, taking Rev. Amanda and the Kirk family by surprise.

Grayson Allister James weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. He was healthy, but due to a bit of jaundice spent a couple of days in the hospital before being brought home to the Manse. He is now at home with his parents, and is busy letting the dogs and cat know that there is a new boss in town.

Father Chad quipped that; “We’ve already started to read the Book of Forms to him at night and Calvin’s Institutes for his afternoon nap. You can never condition one too early, or so I’m told. We look forward to introducing him to you all in person over the next several months. Please keep us in your prayers as we navigate the world of parenting!”






Rev. Amanda was determined to go ahead with the baptism of Lucy Lefurgey that was scheduled for January 27, so led the worship service this past Sunday, notwithstanding her recent residency in the QEH maternity ward. That’s real dedication! The Session hosted a special fellowship following worship on the 27th, featuring a cake that said “Welcome Baby Grayson.” Grayson himself was not in evidence, unfortunately, as he was being kept cocooned at the Manse with father Chad.

It has been many years since there have been children residing in the Manse. It makes for a very welcome change. The whole Kirk family joins in offering a rousing welcome to baby Grayson, and extending warmest congratulations to Rev. Amanda and Chad. May God richly bless their new family in the months and years ahead.