When I was little, sitting through Church felt like a lesson in eternity, simply because I was a very busy child, and sitting was my least favorite activity.  That being said I loved being part of a larger community, the singing, the friendships, and the things I learned about my faith.  In searching for a Church in my adult years I have always looked for places that felt welcoming, genuine, and like a community.  Here at the Kirk, first and foremost, we are a community.  A borrowed phrase that we are working at is “God is not calling us to go to Church; He is calling us to be His Church, the hope of the world.”

IMG_7101Our service is made up of prayers, scripture, a children’s story time, and a sermon.  We are also grateful for our wonderful organist Fran, the choir, and our three choral scholars who join us from the UPEI music program.  Before Sunday service you may notice people visiting each other around the pews and catching up on the past week—we welcome the fellowship.  Each Sunday after worship we gather either in the hall or on our front lawn for coffee, tea, and treats.  We invite everyone, and we welcome you just as you are.  We come not because we are perfect, or have everything figured out.  We come because we have questions, and because we want to grow.  We come not because we love the Lord a lot, but because we love him a little and would like to love him more.  We are always growing and changing, and we welcome you to be part of this community.  And do not worry, if you have wee ones that are busy like I was when I was little, we welcome them even more!  (If your little ones are comfortable attending, we do have a children’s program available during the service, as well as a Nursery.)

~ Rev. Amanda Henderson-Bolton