Kirk Inclusion Committee Hosts Workshop

January 2024

Who is Welcome? | Workshop Led by Sue Senior (Elder, Knox Waterloo) Co-convenor Rainbow Communion, Special Committee of the General Assembly 2017-21

This interactive workshop utilizing various methods of engagement, will focus on the work of the General Assembly’s Special Committee – Rainbow Communion – as well as provide opportunities for questions and discussion. The hope is to encourage participants to formulate a meaningful response to The PCC’s Confession to God and LGBTQI People (adopted by the General Assembly in 2022) regarding the harm caused by homophobia, transphobia, heterosexism and hypocrisy.

At the direction of the 2017 General Assembly, the Moderator (the Rev. Peter Bush) issued a letter to LGBTQI people and all who have been harmed by homophobia and hypocrisy within and by the church. Throughout the letter, the harms done to LGBTQI individuals were named and followed by, “we are sorry, and we repent”.

Congregations have been encouraged to begin living out this repentance and confession to be a welcoming community of faith. However, many have found themselves ill-equipped to have these kinds of conversations around addressing the harm done – and ensuring that harm does not continue – for those who identify as LGBTQI and/or their families, friends, and allies. This work informs and intersects with how we as a faith community can be inclusive of all marginalized and minoritized people. Our time together will explore ways in which communities of faith can be more welcoming to all.

Sue Senior | Workshop Facilitator. “Who is Welcome?”

As a retired high school educator who now works part-time at the University of Waterloo and as an Appointed Designated Minister with the Clergy Support Memorial Church, Sue’s has been called to leadership with youth as well as adults. Having served as co-convener (with the Rev. Dr. Bob Faris) of Rainbow Communion, (Special Listening Committee re: LGBTQI People) appointed by General Assembly 2017 – 2021) Sue continues to lead conversations around addressing the harm done – and ensuring that harm does not continue – to those who identify as 2SLGBTQI and/or their families, friends, and allies. Rainbow Communion developed a model to hold covenanted Listening Spaces that enabled participants to share their stories in a safe and respectful environment.

Sue married her wife Dawn Charlton in 2011 at their church (Knox Waterloo) where Sue is also an ordained elder and a Rep Elder at the Presbytery of Waterloo-Wellington.

Those who wish to attend the workshop and the luncheon that follows, are asked to register in advance, prior to noon, Friday, January 19, 2024 by calling the Kirk office at 902-892-2839 or by email to The Kirk is located at 35 Fitzroy Street, Charlottetown, PE